Cardiology and Radiology

with RX delivery system

lnnovative bifurcation stent system:

  • One profiled balloon with diameters corresponding to dimensions
    of the coronary bifurcation vessels
  • Unique configuration of the delivery system ensuring safety and efficacy during the stent implantation procedure
  • Delivery system minimizes the negative effects of procedure, protecting the carina tip from being crushed or damaged
  • Large cell of the stent in place of side branch entrance gives possibility
    to enter the SB with any standard size conventional stent
  • Precision of implantation procedure thanks to three radiopaque markers
Bioss Lim

Bifurcation optimized stents for coronary vessels with one profiled balloon, guided on a single .014” guide wire for a simple and shorter implantation procedure.

This dedicated stent system prevents the side branch from occlusion and the carina tip from being crushed or damaged.

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